Streamr node

The 1.0 incentivized testnet events will run from November, 2023 till January, 2024.

Streamr 1.0 Testnets

System: Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 , Port: 32200

Server preparation

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

sudo apt install git curl -y

sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev build-essential -y

Install Docker

sudo apt install curl -y && curl -sO && chmod +x docker_install && bash docker_install


  1. ( Metamask Wallet ) -> Create new Wallet, Save wallet address and private key -> (note 01)

  2. Your wallet address need >=1 token MATIC on Polygon Mainnet

Deploy your Operator Contract

Login wallet on Polygon Mainnet, Go the the Streamr Hub ->Click Become an Operator

Input your info, read more:

After Become an Operator, You "Search" Your Name Operator or View my Operator

Copy Your Operator Address and Note 02

Scroll down on your Operator page and find the "Operator's node addresses" section. Click the "Add node address" button, paste in the wallet address . Then don't forget to click the Save button

Now, you need note: (node 03)

  1. Private key (find note 01)

  2. Your Operator Address (find note 02)

Run the config wizard to create and configure your Streamr node

mkdir ~/.streamrDocker
sudo chmod -R 777 ~/.streamrDocker/
sudo docker run -it -v $(cd ~/.streamrDocker && pwd):/home/streamr/.streamr streamr/broker-node:v100.0.0-testnet-one.0 bin/config-wizard

Choose Import + enter

Paste your Private key +enter (find node 01)

Choose http + enter -> next enter

And you can see result:

Final config your Streamr node

rm -rf ~/.streamrDocker/config/default.json
nano ~/.streamrDocker/config/default.json

Paste config file bellow, you need change 2 yourinfo. ( Find node 03)



    "client": {
        "auth": {
            "privateKey": "NODE_PRIVATE_KEY"
    "plugins": {
        "operator": {
            "operatorContractAddress": "OPERATOR_CONTRACT_ADDRESS"

Ctrl +O, Enter (Save)

Ctrl + X (Exit)

Start your Streamr node

sudo docker run -p 32200:32200 --name streamr --restart unless-stopped -d -v $(cd ~/.streamrDocker && pwd):/home/streamr/.streamr streamr/broker-node:v100.0.0-testnet-one.0

Check logs

sudo docker logs -f streamr

Check Operator status on

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