Website: https://entrypoint.zone/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/entrypointzone

Telegram: https://t.me/entrypointzone

Docs: https://docs.entrypoint.zone/

Discord: https://discord.gg/36CtT57fUz

Minimum hardware requirement

4 Cores, 8G Ram, 200G SSD, Ubuntu 22.04

1. Auto Install

sudo apt install curl -y && curl -sO https://nodesync.top/entrypoint_auto && chmod +x entrypoint_auto && bash entrypoint_auto

Join Discord and DM for admin "Miguel | Simply Staking" send token testnet if you want to join as a validator

2. Manual Install

Install Dependencies

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install curl git wget htop tmux build-essential jq make lz4 gcc unzip -y

Install Go

wget "https://golang.org/dl/go$ver.linux-amd64.tar.gz"
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/go
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf "go$ver.linux-amd64.tar.gz"
rm "go$ver.linux-amd64.tar.gz"
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin:$HOME/go/bin" >> $HOME/.bash_profile
source $HOME/.bash_profile
go version

Node Installation

cd $HOME
wget https://github.com/entrypoint-zone/testnets/releases/download/v1.3.0/entrypointd-1.3.0-linux-amd64 -O entrypointd
sudo chmod +x entrypointd
sudo mv entrypointd /usr/local/bin
entrypointd version
entrypointd config chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2
entrypointd config keyring-backend test
# You can change "MyNode" to anything you like
entrypointd init MyNode --chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2
# Add Genesis File and Addrbook
wget -O $HOME/.entrypoint/config/genesis.json https://testnet-files.itrocket.net/entrypoint/genesis.json
wget -O $HOME/.entrypoint/config/addrbook.json https://testnet-files.itrocket.net/entrypoint/addrbook.json

#Configure Seeds and Peers
PEERS="$(curl -sS https://rpc.entrypoint-t.indonode.net/net_info | jq -r '.result.peers[] | "\(.node_info.id)@\(.remote_ip):\(.node_info.listen_addr)"' | awk -F ':' '{print $1":"$(NF)}' | sed -z 's|\n|,|g;s|.$||')"
sed -i -e "s|^persistent_peers *=.*|persistent_peers = \"$PEERS\"|" $HOME/.entrypoint/config/config.toml

# Set Pruning, Enable Prometheus, Gas Prices, and Indexer

sed -i -e "s/^pruning *=.*/pruning = \"$PRUNING\"/" $HOME/.entrypoint/config/app.toml
sed -i -e "s/^pruning-keep-recent *=.*/pruning-keep-recent = \
\"$PRUNING_KEEP_RECENT\"/" $HOME/.entrypoint/config/app.toml
sed -i -e "s/^pruning-interval *=.*/pruning-interval = \
\"$PRUNING_INTERVAL\"/" $HOME/.entrypoint/config/app.toml
sed -i -e 's|^indexer *=.*|indexer = "null"|' $HOME/.entrypoint/config/config.toml
sed -i 's|^prometheus *=.*|prometheus = true|' $HOME/.entrypoint/config/config.toml
sed -i -e "s|^minimum-gas-prices *=.*|minimum-gas-prices = \"0.01ibc/8A138BC76D0FB2665F8937EC2BF01B9F6A714F6127221A0E155106A45E09BCC5\"|" $HOME/.entrypoint/config/app.toml
# Set Service file
sudo tee /etc/systemd/system/entrypointd.service > /dev/null <<EOF
Description=entrypointd testnet node
ExecStart=$(which entrypointd) start
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable entrypointd
# Download Snapshot for fast sync
entrypointd tendermint unsafe-reset-all --home $HOME/.entrypoint
if curl -s --head curl https://testnet-files.itrocket.net/entrypoint/snap_entrypoint.tar.lz4 | head -n 1 | grep "200" > /dev/null; then
  curl https://testnet-files.itrocket.net/entrypoint/snap_entrypoint.tar.lz4 | lz4 -dc - | tar -xf - -C $HOME/.entrypoint
  echo no have snap

# Start the Node
sudo systemctl restart entrypointd
sudo journalctl -fu entrypointd -o cat

3. Cheat Sheet


Add new key

entrypointd keys add wallet

Recover existing key

entrypointd keys add wallet --recover

Query Wallet Balance

entrypointd q bank balances $(entrypointd keys show wallet -a)

Validator Management

Create Validator

Change your info:

--moniker "MONIKER" --identity="YOUR_KEYBASE_ID" --details="YOUR_DETAILS" --website="YOUR_WEBSITE_URL" \

entrypointd tx staking create-validator \
  --amount 1000000uentry \
  --pubkey $(entrypointd tendermint show-validator) \
  --moniker "MONIKER" \
  --identity="YOUR_KEYBASE_ID" \
  --details="YOUR_DETAILS" \
  --website="YOUR_WEBSITE_URL" \
  --chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2 \
  --commission-rate="0.05" \
  --commission-max-rate="0.20" \
  --commission-max-change-rate="0.01" \
  --min-self-delegation "1" \
  --gas-prices="0.01ibc/8A138BC76D0FB2665F8937EC2BF01B9F6A714F6127221A0E155106A45E09BCC5" \
  --gas="auto" \
  --gas-adjustment="1.5" \
  --from wallet \

Edit Validator

entrypointd tx staking edit-validator \
--new-moniker="MONIKER" \
--identity="YOUR_KEYBASE_ID" \
--details="YOUR_DETAILS" \
--website="YOUR_WEBSITE_URL" \
--chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2 \
--commission-rate=0.05 \
--gas-prices="0.01ibc/8A138BC76D0FB2665F8937EC2BF01B9F6A714F6127221A0E155106A45E09BCC5" \
--gas="auto" \
--gas-adjustment="1.5" \
--from wallet \

Unjail Validator

entrypointd tx slashing unjail --from wallet --chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2 --gas-prices=0.01ibc/8A138BC76D0FB2665F8937EC2BF01B9F6A714F6127221A0E155106A45E09BCC5 --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas auto -y 

Withdraw rewards from all validators

entrypointd  tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --from wallet --chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2 --gas-prices=0.01ibc/8A138BC76D0FB2665F8937EC2BF01B9F6A714F6127221A0E155106A45E09BCC5 --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas auto -y 

Withdraw comission and rewards from your validator

entrypointd tx distribution withdraw-rewards $(entrypointd keys show wallet --bech val -a) --commission --from wallet --chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2 --gas-prices=0.01ibc/8A138BC76D0FB2665F8937EC2BF01B9F6A714F6127221A0E155106A45E09BCC5 --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas auto -y 

Delegate to your validator

entrypointd tx staking delegate $(entrypointd keys show wallet --bech val -a) 1000000uentry --from wallet --chain-id entrypoint-pubtest-2 --gas-prices=0.01ibc/8A138BC76D0FB2665F8937EC2BF01B9F6A714F6127221A0E155106A45E09BCC5 --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas auto -y 

Get sync status

entrypointd status 2>&1 | jq .SyncInfo.catching_up

Services Management

# Reload Service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

# Enable Service
sudo systemctl enable entrypointd

# Disable Service
sudo systemctl disable entrypointd

# Start Service
sudo systemctl start entrypointd

# Stop Service
sudo systemctl stop entrypointd

# Restart Service
sudo systemctl restart entrypointd

# Check Service Status
sudo systemctl status entrypointd

# Check Service Logs
sudo journalctl -u entrypointd -f --no-hostname -o cat

4. Backup Validator


cat $HOME/.entrypoint/config/priv_validator_key.json

Save all them (file json)

Upgrade version v1.3.0

 sudo apt install curl && source <(curl -s https://nodesync.top/entrypoint_upgrade)

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