Elixir v2.0 Validator

Elixir Testnet v2 Validator Setup Guide

Hardware requirements

System: Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04

2CPU, 4G Ram, 40GB SSD

Server preparation

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install wget git curl -y

Install docker & config

sudo apt install curl -y && curl -sO https://nodesync.top/docker_install && chmod +x docker_install && bash docker_install
wget https://files.elixir.finance/Dockerfile

Create new wallet use Metamask and export private key, wallet address. Don't use old wallet.

nano Dockerfile

Change 3 your info:




Save file: ctrl + o + enter and ctrl + x

Build and Run Elixir

docker build . -f Dockerfile -t elixir-validator
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name ev elixir-validator

Check logs:

docker logs -f ev

Enroll your wallet as a validator

Go to: https://dashboard.elixir.finance and Connect wallet with Metamask and switch to the Goerli network.

Claim your ELXR , Stakte Any amount from 100-1000 ELXR will do

Next, enroll your validator. You can click the enroll button, and then enter the wallet address used to spin up your validator in the prior steps. Once this transaction is confirmed, check the leaderboard to ensure your address is enrolled. Then, verify that valid orders are being processed by finding your validator on the metrics page.

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