Moi Technology

Please Apply for the Guardian Waitlist and Krama ID Approved Before you begin the installation:

Moi Testnet Incentives

System: Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04

Server preparation

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

sudo apt install git curl -y

sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev build-essential -y

Install Docker

sudo apt install curl -y && curl -sO && chmod +x docker_install && bash docker_install

Create a info:

docker pull sarvalabs/moipod:latest
mkdir moi && chmod +x moi

Download Keystore, remember password and upload to folder moi , you can find it

Different ways: nano moi/keystore.json , open and copy json file download before, save it



your_wallet_address=<your here>

Note: your_wallet_address Find and can choose 1 in 3 on righ top:

your_pass_node=<your here>
your_nodeindex=<your here>

Register the Guardian Node

sudo docker run --network host -it -w /data -v $(pwd):/data sarvalabs/moipod:latest register --data-dir ./moi --mnemonic-keystore-path ./moi/keystore.json --watchdog-url --node-password $your_pass_node --network-rpc-url --wallet-address $your_wallet_address --node-index $your_nodeindex --local-rpc-url http://$your_ip:1600

Enter your password remember when download keystore before

Start the Guardian Node

sudo docker run --network host -it -d -w /data -v $(pwd):/data sarvalabs/moipod:latest server --babylon --data-dir ./moi --log-level DEBUG --node-password $your_pass_node --clean-db true

IMPORTANT: Please open port 1600/tcp

Check logs

cat ./moi/log/3*

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