Pactus Blockchain

Pactus is a community-run blockchain technology with a revolutionary and secure Solid Proof of Stake Consensus. Come join us and build a decentralized future together!

Pactus Mainnet

System: Ubuntu 22.04 , Open port: 21888 TCP and UDP

Min: 1CPU, 2G Ram, 40SSD

1. Server preparation

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

sudo apt install tmux git curl -y

sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev build-essential -y

2. Download the binary file or Upgrade Version 1.1.4

cd $HOME && rm -rf node_pactus && wget && tar -xzf pactus-cli_1.1.4_linux_amd64.tar.gz && rm -rf pactus-cli_1.1.4_linux_amd64.tar.gz && mv pactus-cli_1.1.4 node_pactus && cd node_pactus

3. Initializing the Node

Run Command below and choose number 1 Validator (no choose 7 or 32)

Save all: Your wallet seed, Wallet address, Validator address

sudo ./pactus-daemon init

4. Run node

tmux new -s pactus
sudo ./pactus-daemon start

5. Wallet

5.1 Restoring the Node

./pactus-daemon init --restore "<your-mnemonic>"

5.2 Wallet Seed

./pactus-wallet seed

5.3. List of Addresses

./pactus-wallet address all

5.4 Get Address Balance

./pactus-wallet address balance <ADDRESS>

Replace <ADDRESS> with the address for which you want to retrieve your balance.

5.5 Sending Bond

./pactus-wallet tx bond <Reward address> <Validator address> <AMOUNT>

5.6 Sending Transfer

./pactus-wallet tx transfer <sender address> <receiver address> <AMOUNT>

6. Bootstrap Nodes

Operators are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

Please read more:


Only VPS for bootstrap, Please don't use HomeServer or PC for pull request bootstrap

6.1 Edit Config.toml

Stop Node

ctrl + c

Change config.toml

nano $HOME/pactus/config.toml

Find and change your info bellow [http] image 1 to image 2

Save them: ctrl + o , enter

Exit edit: ctrl + x

Run node again by step 4

sudo ./pactus-daemon start

6.2 Get Network ID


Please change your_ip_node and view on browser.

Get info Peer ID and Your IP

6.3 Create a new Fork and Pull requests

Pull requests

Your fork, Edit file bootstrap.json in folder config

Please change input your info with format json bellow:





        "name": "yourname",
        "email": "your_email",
        "website": "n/a",
        "address": "/ip4/your_ip/tcp/21888/p2p/your_peers_id"

Save them, and Click Pull Request

Next step, Click New pull request

Next step, Click Create pull request .

Next step, Add a title with format bellow, important

chore: add bootstrap address for YourNamePR

Click Create pull request to completed

Team will review and check, then they approved

6.4 Return Default File Config

All right, you should return default file config, it height security.

Please again step 6.1 change your image 2 to image 1 and start node (default config)

6.5 Bootstrap Node Configuration

Please recommended to adjust the Bootstrap node configuration as follows and restart node:

Change your node: enable_nat_service, enable_relay, moniker

Thank you !!!

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