Aligned Layer





1. Minimum hardware requirement

4 Cores, 16G Ram, 160G SSD, Ubuntu 22.04

2. Auto Install

Use snapshot:

sudo apt install curl -y && wget && chmod +x alignedlayer_auto && ./alignedlayer_auto

2.1 Wallet

Add New Wallet Key - Save seed

alignedlayerd keys add wallet

Recover existing key

alignedlayerd keys add wallet --recover

List All Keys

alignedlayerd keys list

2.2 Query Wallet Balance

alignedlayerd q bank balances $(alignedlayerd keys show wallet -a)

2.3 Check sync status

False is synced

alignedlayerd status 2>&1 | jq .sync_info

2.4 Create Validator

Obtain your validator public key by running the following command:

alignedlayerd comet show-validator

The output will be similar to this (with a different key):


Then, create a file named validator.json with the following content:

nano $HOME/validator.json

Change your info, from "pubkey" to "details" and Save them

    "pubkey": {"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey","key":"lR1d7YBVK5jYijOfWVKRFoWCsS4dg3kagT7LB9GnG8I="},
    "amount": "1000000stake",
    "moniker": "your-node-moniker",
    "identity": "eqlab testnet validator",
    "website": "optional website for your validator",
    "security": "optional security contact for your validator",
    "details": "optional details for your validator",
    "commission-rate": "0.1",
    "commission-max-rate": "0.2",
    "commission-max-change-rate": "0.01",
    "min-self-delegation": "1"

Finally, we're ready to submit the transaction to create the validator:

alignedlayerd tx staking create-validator $HOME/validator.json \
--from wallet --chain-id alignedlayer \
--fees 50stake

2.5 Delegate Token to your own validator

alignedlayerd tx staking delegate $(alignedlayerd keys show wallet --bech val -a)  1000000stake \
--from wallet --chain-id alignedlayer \
--fees 50stake

2.6 Withdraw rewards and commission from your validator

alignedlayerd tx distribution withdraw-rewards $(alignedlayerd keys show wallet --bech val -a) \
--from wallet --chain-id alignedlayer \
--fees 50stake

2.7 Unjail validator

alignedlayerd tx slashing unjail --from wallet --chain-id alignedlayer --fees=50stake -y

2.8 Services Management

# Reload Service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

# Enable Service
sudo systemctl enable alignedlayerd

# Disable Service
sudo systemctl disable alignedlayerd

# Start Service
sudo systemctl start alignedlayerd

# Stop Service
sudo systemctl stop alignedlayerd

# Restart Service
sudo systemctl restart alignedlayerd

# Check Service Status
sudo systemctl status alignedlayerd

# Check Service Logs
sudo journalctl -u alignedlayerd -f --no-hostname -o cat

3. Backup Validator


cat $HOME/.alignedlayer/config/priv_validator_key.json

4. Remove node

cd $HOME
sudo systemctl stop alignedlayerd
sudo systemctl disable alignedlayerd
sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/alignedlayerd.service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/alignedlayerd
sudo rm -f $(which alignedlayerd)
sudo rm -rf $HOME/.alignedlayer
sudo rm -rf alignedlayer_auto
sudo rm -rf $HOME/aligned_layer_tendermint

5. Change Port

You can change 16 number is random port

echo "export $port" >> $HOME/.bash_profile
alignedlayerd config set config rpc.laddr "tcp://${port}657" --skip-validate
sed -i.bak -e "s%:1317%:${port}317%g; s%:8080%:${port}080%g; s%:9090%:${port}090%g; s%:9091%:${port}091%g; s%:8545%:${port}545%g; s%:8546%:${port}546%g; s%:6065%:${port}065%g" $HOME/.alignedlayer/config/app.toml
sed -i.bak -e "s%:26658%:${port}658%g; s%:26657%:${port}657%g; s%:6060%:${port}060%g; s%:26656%:${port}656%g; s%:26660%:${port}660%g" $HOME/.alignedlayer/config/config.toml
sed -i.bak -e "s%:26657%:${port}657%g" $HOME/.alignedlayer/config/client.toml
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart alignedlayerd && sudo journalctl -u alignedlayerd -f --no-hostname -o cat

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