Open the door

Create new VPS/ Server/ new IP, Don't use vps validator before.

Minimum hardware requirement

2 core, 4G Ram, 80 SSD

Open port : 8545

Auto Install

sudo apt install curl -y && source <(curl -s

Check logs

sudo journalctl -u autonityd -f -o cat

Import Nodekey

aut account import-private-key /root/autonity-client/autonity-chaindata/autonity/nodekey

Copy all result logs, you can see ex:


Config Aut

nano .autrc

Paste all info bellow and change it with your keystore.


Signature of the message "public rpc"

aut account sign-message "public rpc"

Save all result logs

Get enode

aut node info

Ex: enode://2xxxx5308e9141912b5504b9b9f83d61eexxx1bfd3342d729b@x.x.x.x:30303

Get your_ip


Config "RPC NODE ENDPOINT" is : http://your_ip:8545

Register a node

Backup nodekey

File nodekey in folder: /root/.autonity/keystore/

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